K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs is a full-service training facility based in Ontario, Canada. Services dogs are trained at this facility in order to meet their handlers’ needs. There is a unique service dog support program that helps achieve all of that.

During the first stages, the program includes socialization training and repetitive obedience. When dogs make it to the final stage, they can show their obedience.

When dogs leave the training facility, they are well-mannered, obedient, confident, and friendly with people, children, and even other animals. K-9 Country Inn needs these service dogs because they need to help their handlers in their daily duties. Also, the service dogs need to have the skills to save their owner’s life if that’s the case.

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The training lasts for two years. During the training, the future service dogs of K-9 Country Inn are given a special task – to watch Billy Elliot the Musical at the Stratford Festival. Thanks to this exercise, the service dogs are ready to accompany their handlers anytime anywhere.

The dogs sit quietly in the 1,800-seat theater and watch the whole show amongst the handlers. It is required to sit still and quiet in the theater, which can be very hard for curious dogs.

It is expected from the service dogs to sit at their handler’s feet during the show. However, there was a cute moment caught on camera: some of the dogs did sneak a peek while the performance was underway.

According to the head trainer, the dogs did an amazing job, and they managed to sit through the entire show in their best behavior. Nonetheless, the pictures will make you laugh because these dogs are so adorable!

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