This is a story of an altruistic couple that adopts high-kill shelter dogs and works tirelessly to find them forever homes.

A huge number of dogs end up in high-kill shelters every day with little hope for adoption. This is the main reason why Tracy Whyatt stepped in order to do something to help. Tracy has a passion to save unwanted dogs, so she started the company “Tracy’s Dogs“.

Tracy and her husband, Scott, go to overcrowded high-kill shelters with their 32-foot trailer and pick up dogs. Afterward, they try to find the dogs new homes and families that would love them. Sometimes, the couple drives to other states to unite dogs and families. They’ve even teamed up with PetSmart as a meeting place for the dogs and their new owners.

As you can imagine, the moment the dog owners see their new furry pets for the first time is so beautiful and emotional. People gather around the trailer while the door swings open, and tears start to flow. Welcome to your new lives, pooches!

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Tracy and Scott have established their company in 2011. Since then, the couple has saved more than 3,700 dogs! If it weren’t for them, most of these dogs might have been euthanized. They have an amazing thing going here, and Tracy’s Dogs deserve some praise!

Tracy’s Dogs is a non-profit National Rescue & Transport Initiative for shelter dogs. The main goal of this program is to save dogs from kill shelters and find them forever homes!

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