A couple from the UK heading to New York City was stopped by security at Isle of Man Airport because they accidentally packed their cat.

Nick and Voirrey Coole were shocked when the security presented them with their cat, Candy, who climbed into their suitcase while packing. Airport staff informed them that their cat had climbed into their luggage they were carrying onto the plane.

Candy surprised the couple when she climbed out of their suitcase. The couple was on their way to the Big Apple to celebrate their 40th birthdays.

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The couple almost made it through security when airport staff noticed something unusual. The airport staff took the couple to a side room and asked about what was found. Then, security brought the cat to them.

According to Nick, Candy is a very curious cat and is always looking to hide inside boxes and bags.

He also said that they didn’t carry much stuff in the hand luggage because they wanted to bring shopping home. However, their cat found a way to get in the bag and off to the airport they all went.

Airport security was shocked as they have never seen anything like this before. They asked the couple for a few times if the bag was theirs after it had been through the scanner.

Nick posted the whole story on Facebook and thanked their friends Barry and Lorna for picking Candy up. Fortunately, Nick and Voirrey were able to continue with their trip to New York City.

The couple said that the airport security realized it was an honest mistake and everyone laughed. The security even helped the couple to ensure that the cat was picked up by their friends, so they could continue with their trip.

Maybe Candy will make it through security next time!

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