There are many wonderful creatures in the world. From the smallest to the largest, all animals have something to offer to nature.

Sometimes we may forget all of the different creatures out there just because they live in their own habitats. However, sometimes our worlds cross. Sadly, these interactions don’t usually go well.

When poachers meet with animals, it tends to be a deadly encounter. However, not every interaction is deadly. There are also friendly encounters between species. Sometimes, animals wander into our habitat because they are curious or just lost.

If you ever see a wild animal outside its habitat, you have to notify either a wildlife rehabilitation center, an animal shelter, or a veterinarian. Sometimes animals are just passing through, but it doesn’t cost a penny to put the word out.

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A girl in Adelaide Hills in South Australia was surprised to see a koala wandering in their backyard. The koala steadily came down from the tree and went directly into the fenced-in pool area. Thankfully, everything was caught on camera.


The koala goes to the poolside. Before taking a sip, it studies the water and places its hand in the pool. The koala is observing and thinking about what to do next. Although koalas drink little to no water, this koala appears to be dehydrated.

While the koala is drinking from the pool, a woman appears on the other side of the pool. She slowly goes closer to the koala, trying not to startle it. When she finally gets to the marsupial, she gives it water out of her hand. Both of them seem comfortable during the interaction.

Although this encounter looks cute and innocent, this isn’t something that is recommended. When you see a wild animal, it’s best to stay away from it. If a wild animal is on your property, you should contact proper authorities to help get it back to its home.

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