There are moments that look forward during the school years and prom is probably the most important event. It’s a night to remember. However, there is a lot of pressure to find a date before prom night.

Sam Steingard was so stressed about his prom night. After he couldn’t find a date, he chose to go in a different direction.

Instead of asking his sister or his cousin to be his date, he decided to take his rescue cat Ruby. His story took the Internet by storm.

When you see the pair together, it’s difficult to choose whether they look beautiful or hilarious. Joanne, Sam’s mother, chose their outfits to make them look their best.

Caroline Steingard, Sam’s sister admitted online that her brother took their cat to prom. Their mom even bought a dress and a sparkly collar for the cat, so Sam would have someone to take pictures with.

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At first, Sam was hesitating whether he should go to the prom. Then, he chose Ruby as a prom date because he wasn’t planning to stay at the prom all night. That is the main reason why he took a pet rather than a human.

The cat has been in Sam’s family for 10 years and they absolutely adore her.

The family found the cat when she was only a kitten. She got the name Ruby because they found her behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant. She loves cuddling and hanging around people but she especially loves her family.

Caroline even said that the cat walked her the school and then she walked herself home. She’s a great cat, right?

Ruby and Sam spent the summer after his graduation. Sam even built a fortress out of cardboard boxes and Ruby loves to play in it, instead of her $40 heated cat bed.

However, now Sam and Caroline are in college and they miss Ruby a lot.

The photo was posted on social media and it went viral very quickly.

Many people used it for a Photoshop battle.

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