Miley, a momma dalmation breaks the record for the largest litter of astounding 18 puppies. Talk about real-life 101 Dalmation…

Having a pregnant dog is a blessing. However, you want to know how many puppies to expect when your dog is pregnant.

After all, the number of puppies can really affect your life. It will also help you figure out if you will need help caring for all of them or if you can handle them on your own.

Cecilia Lanton-Bunkergot has a Dalmatian dog named Miley. When Cecilia and her husband found out that their dog is pregnant, they were so excited to welcome the new puppies to the family.

They took Miley to the vet who predicted a three puppy litter. However, Miley’s tummy was much bigger than three puppies.

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Let’s not judge the vet too quickly because it takes a lot of work to earn a DVM. Maybe the vet had faulty equipment or she wasn’t specialized in prenatal care.

However, Miley and her owners were in for a surprise. Instead of giving birth to 3 puppies, the dalmation gave birth to 18 puppies. The average Dalmatian litter is eight or ten pups. Anyway, the dog’s first pregnancy normally births a smaller number of puppies than the average. But it’s all worth it.

This may remind you of the Disney movie 101 Dalmations. Miley and her puppies are often compared to the dogs in the classic movie.

Based on Miley’s size during gestation, her breeders estimated around 15 or 16 puppies. But, Miley managed to set the world record for the largest dog litter ever! It took Miley 13 hours of labor. She gave birth to 12 females and 6 males.

Since there are so many puppies, Cecilia and her husband are helping the new mother with her babies. They always have a fresh supply of warm milk available for the little guys.

Miley’s owners have placed a temporarily dyed dot on the puppies’ necks. But, the dots will be replaced with collars once they arrive.

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