A deaf-blind dog stayed with and protected toddler for 15 hours, then lead the rescuers to the right spot and saved her! Not all heroes wear capes.

If you are a dog owner, then you how amazing these creatures are. Dogs are the most loving and devoted companions. These are the reasons why dogs are man’s best friend.

Meet Max, the dog who is deaf and mostly blind, but managed to save a toddler. He is a 17-year-old Blue Heeler mix, and already 2 years past his average life expectancy. Although he has lost his hearing and most of his eyesight, that didn’t stop him from saving his tiny human, Aurora.

Aurora is a 3-year-old little girl who lives in rural Queensland, Australia. One evening, she wandered off into the infamous Australian Bushland. She was wearing only a T-shirt and some lightweight pants. She got completely lost in a short period of time. Fortunately, her dog was right behind her.

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When Aurora’s family noticed she was missing, they organized a huge search party. All community members wanted to participate. The neighbors and the local police joined their forces to find the missing toddler.

More than one hundred people joined the search party. However, as hours passed by, they got more and more worried. The cold rain and wind didn’t cooperate with them. The bad weather only made search efforts even more difficult.

Leisa Bennett, Aurora’s grandma, was among the people who searched for the toddler. As she was wandering through the Bushland in the dark, she thought she heard her granddaughter calling out. She immediately rushed to follow it. Bennett recalls that when she got to the top of the mountain, Max came to her and led her straight to Aurora.

Max is old, deaf, and mostly blind, but he stayed right by Aurora’s side throughout the entire night. Although it was only 55 degrees, Max cuddled up with Aurora to keep her warm and safe.

The community is praising Max for protecting Aurora. They are so grateful they even decided to make him an Honorary Queensland Police Dog.

Although Max is a senior dog, he is a true definition of a hero. Thank you, Max, for saving the day.

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