This has been a tough year for one for a little girl from Oregon and her family. The seven-year-old brain tumor survivor Cicely Corsetti was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which meant she had to receive many treatments in order to regain her health again.

However, Cicely was not alone during this hard time. She had help from her sweet dog, the 10-year-old Beagle/Pug named Ollie, who never left her side. He was her support and her best companion who helped her beat the tumor.

Fortunately, Cicely managed to beat her disease and doctors have confirmed that she is now cancer-free. After they received the great news, the little girl and her family were so happy. So, they decided to go on a vacation to Hawaii in order to celebrate Cicely’s victory.

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During their trip, the dog stayed with a relative of the family. However, the dog got scared easily and ran away. When Cicely received the news about her dog, she was devastated. She even filmed a video of herself in which she asked the public to help her find her furry buddy.

With tears in her eyes, the sad girl said that she is broken. She needs to hug her dog Ollie so she could be happy.

Ollie’s fur is brown with a little white on his chest. He’s microchipped and wears a blue collar.

He was lost at Sw Burlwood Ln Beaverton. In case you see him or have any information about him, please call 971-219-5608 or 503-367-8030 and help this heroic Seven Year Old brain tumor survivor find her best friend.

Let’s help Cicely to find her dog!

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