There are many things in life that are so pleasant and will make you smile. This story of dog and cow will melt your heart!

A man in India managed to capture a beautiful moment so everyone can enjoy it. Sarthak Gambhir left his house for the day. He was passing near a local snack stall when he noticed a cow sleeping next to it. This is not an unusual sight because there are many cows in the area where Gambhir lives.

However, this specific cow had an uncommon friend with her. There was a dog sleeping on the cow’s back and Gambhir stopped when he noticed the pair.

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“It was the first time I was seeing something like this,” Gambhir said.

Although the cow was aware that there was a dog taking a nap on her back, she didn’t mind it. Gambhir got a little closer to the pair to take a few photos, but he was worried that he might scare the pair off. Fortunately, while the dog was sleeping well and sound, the cow didn’t want to move because she didn’t want to wake up her friend.

It remains unknown whether these two are best friends or this was the first time it had ever occurred.  Nonetheless, Gambhir couldn’t stop smiling at them.

Sadly, he had to go and run some errands, but he didn’t want to leave the cute pair. He is hoping that he will see the cow and dog napping together again, so he’ll get another chance to witness the cuteness again.

The photos were shared on social media and people immediately fell in love with the napping buddies.

One user commented: “This is proof that shows the world can get along.”

Another one wrote: “Dogs think everybody likes them. Dogs like everybody.”

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