Very often we can see abandoned puppies walking in the streets hoping for their new owner who will give them endless love. These little creatures are so innocent and sad so, we hope that one day there will be fewer of them on the streets and they will all be cared for in beautiful conditions.

Apart from giving up on these lovely and innocent pets, people also know to be too cruel to them.

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Some time ago, a monstrous owner went a step further with his cruelty, mortally wounding his dog without a shred of conscience, but still could not erase the smile from the dog’s face.

In 2018, a 7-year-old shepherd dog was found in Greece in a shocking condition, he was tied to a tree and shot in the head by his owner.

An innocent and friendly puppy named Ice was left there on the verge of death, but managed to stay alive for days, wrote Greek Stray. The wound, which was severely infected, caused a severe infection in the bone mass.

Even more astonishingly, he was allegedly shot just because he was too playful and happy.

Veterinarians operated on the dog, they cleaned the wound, removed the infection, and gave him antibiotics.

It was a delicate procedure, the doctors had to reconstruct the dog’s nasal bone, preventing contact with the mouth, and all that remained was to pray that his body would accept the graft.

Miraculously the operation was successful and two weeks later the veterinarians announced that the graft was successful and the infection was under control.

Despite the temptation and everything he went through, the puppy never gave up his happiness, remaining a friendly, smiling dog no matter what.

After Ice got back on his feet, he was taken to a shelter to try to be adopted. He quickly returned to his old self, ran around and played with the other dogs.

Unfortunately, while the story of the Ice went viral and he enjoyed the spotlight, it still took him a long time to find the right home. According to Orphan Pet, it was believed that this was because he was too friendly.

But despite the long wait, Ice finally found his home in Britain. He quickly fit into his new loving home playing on the beach with his siblings.

This inspiring story has softened everyone’s hearts, and we are really happy that there are people like those who care about animals.

Check out the video below.

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