A dog saw a car door open and decided that it was a good place to take a nap, not imagining that her life would change forever.

The stray dog jumped into the car of Bill Shavere who forgot to close his car door when he rushed to the bathroom at a gas station.

Even though Bill’s wife was sitting in the front seat, the dog didn’t hesitate to climb up in the back seat like she knew the woman her entire life.

Bill and his wife returning from a fishing trip in Missouri. They decided to make a stop and that’s when the dog took the opportunity to jump in the car. appeared. When they realized that the animal didn’t want to get off and wanted to be petted, they decided to take her with them.

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The couple took her to a vet hospital. Once the doctors examined the dog, they noticed that she showed signs of struggle and wounds caused by the presence of ticks. She also had some infection which indicates that she didn’t have any owners nor she ran away from home.

Instead of dumping her somewhere, Bill and his wife decided to help the stray dog and give her all the support she needed to recover. Then, they drove her home where she quickly got used to her new surroundings. She even started playing in the backyard because she already made her mind to stay with them.

The couple also fell in love with the dog and decided to adopt her. They named her River.

She is not a stray dog anymore. Now, River enjoys her life with her new owners who give her unconditional love and pampering, something that she deserved since forever. She also has a lot of new friends!

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