Imagine the feeling seeing your dog using the doorbell to get back home after escaping from your home. Well, this just happened.

Your home’s safety is always a top priority. There are numerous home securities, but the latest trend is the smart doorbell camera, which can be the extra set of eyes and ears needed to protect your home.

With these new doorbells, you can answer your door while you are away from home and even catch would-be criminals in the act. However, these doorbells can also catch some pretty bizarre and funny moments as well. Thanks to this technology, Greg Basel saw his dog ringing the doorbell to get back inside. Basel thought it was hilarious, so he shared the video online.

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The three-month-old Golden Retriever somehow managed to get out of the house. However, his escape didn’t last very long. The furry pet knows that he has to ring the doorbell to get back inside the house and that is exactly what he did. After he escaping & experiencing the outdoor life, the dog wanted to get back inside. This puppy has proven that he is so smart. Watch and listen as he hits the doorbell that is actually customized to play a knocking sound instead of the usual “ding dong” tone.

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