Meet Crenshaw! A tiny orphaned kitten was found on the sidewalk, searching for her mom, but she was all alone. Luckily, a kind woman saw the kitten and decided to take her home. When the woman introduced the kitty to her rescue dog, it was love at first sight!

One Friday night, Sharra Platt was driving home from work and on Crenshaw Blvd. she noticed a mother and her daughter looking at a small kitten on the sidewalk. She immediately stopped in order to find out what was going on.

The pair was searching around for a mom cat or any other kittens and couldn’t find anything. The kitten was standing in front of a house with a wall so she couldn’t have come from there.

Sharra didn’t want to leave the poor kitten on a busy road, so she took it home with her. Safe, at last!

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Sharra’s plan was to keep the kitten overnight and find an animal rescuer that would help rehome her. However, not everything goes according to a plan.

The next morning, Sharra decided to introduce her orhpaned kitten to her two dogs. First, she took Crenshaw to the vet to ensure the kitty was healthy. After Sharra brought the kitty home, she introduced Crenshaw to her dogs and they loved having her around.

Sharra put Crenshaw on the bed with the dogs and Roxy, a5-year-old rescue Pit Bull, immediately gave her a bath and has been doing that ever since. The bond is growing stronger every day. Roxy is acting like Crenshaw’s mum – she cleans the kitty, gives her a lot of kisses and snuggles with her.

Crenshaw loves the attention she gets and she just wants to curl up next to Roxy or crawl on her. The little kitten is completely attached to her new unusual mum and doesn’t want to be anywhere but with her.

Crenshaw also got a nickname – the Gangsta Kitty of because the neighborhood she was found in was a little rough.

Crenshaw and  Sharra’s 11-year-old Pomeranian became friends, giving each other headbutts.

Little Crenshaw enjoys her new life and her new furry companions!

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