Dog saves it’s owner from traveling to Wuhan. Coincidence, I think not. This is a sign!

When one woman came home, she noticed a big pile of mess. Soon, she got really upset when she realized that her dog, Kim, torn her passport in pieces.

Kim is usually a good dog, as her owner says. Kim’s owner posted the photos of her god’s rampage on her Facebook page so everyone can see them and have a laugh.

It seems that the dog was very thorough. The whole passport was utterly ruined.

Funny enough, Kim’s owner was planning to travel and visit her family in Wuhan, China. Now that her passport is ruined, she will probably have to wait for a while.

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In the beginning, the owner was quite frustrated about the incident. However, after a couple of days, Kim’s owner discovered that the infamous coronavirus has started to spread through Wuhan and many other cities in the region. Thanks to the coronavirus, it’s recommended not to travel to China at the moment.

Now, the owner is feeling grateful and thanking her dog, for helping her avoid a very unpleasant illness.

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