Dogs are not only our pets they can also be involved in much more serious actions. Many dogs are trained to be police partners and can also feel when someone has a heart attack or even sniff IED (improvised explosive devices).

In April 2017, in the village of Belbelo, the dog was with its owner, Buba Abhmed, who was attending the wedding.

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The small town was located not far from Maiduguri, a northeastern city. Many villagers had to attend that day. As everyone gathered for the ceremony, everything looked good. After all, everyone was there to celebrate the joy of the new union.

Abhmed’s dog noticed something at the wedding that made him feel bad. The watchful dog seemed suspicious of one of the women just outside the assembly.

The wedding guests did not even think that something bad would happen, but the smart puppy sensed that something was wrong.

Large guard dog with expressive eyes staring in disbelief. Breed is not defined

Abhmed’s puppy was behaving quite unusually, but since he was not trying to escape, his owner continued to celebrate the wedding.

Under her dress, the mysterious woman hid a bomb tied to her chest. She was slowly getting closer to the wedding. Clearly, her intention was to get as close as possible to the wedding guests before activating her bomb so that as many innocent people as possible could be killed.

Believing the instinct, the puppy suddenly attacked the woman and laid her on the ground before most of the people were injured.

The dog continued to attack the bomber, believed to be from the ISIS group, until she was forced to detonate her bomb exactly where they were, away from other villagers.

The blast killed only two people that day, a suicide bomber and a brave dog.

According to Victor Isuku, a spokesman for the local police, the people at the wedding were thrilled with the dog’s heroic deeds and thanked him forever for saving their lives that day.

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