Dogs who are human best friends, just like us they have their instincts. Some of them are trained to perform spontaneous tasks, and while others are naturally like that, and at whatever cost, they would do anything to protect their owner.

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The dog Zeus was only eight months old when his instinct for danger began. His actions led to the sacrifice of his life for which his owners would be forever grateful to him for protecting their children.

While playing in the backyard of Sumter County, the pit bull puppy began to behave strangely.

Zeus was spotted fighting with something that looked like a rope, but in the end, it didn’t occur to the owners that it was a poisonous snake. After the puppy managed to overcome the snake, it slowly landed on the ground and lost consciousness.

The owner’s child, who also played in the yard with Zeus, did not notice that a coral snake was approaching him, but the heroic Zeus jumped to protect him.

What is left of the coral snake that Zeus killed protecting Oriley and Orion.

Coral snakes are very toxic, and a single bite can result in paralysis of the victim’s breathing muscles. There is usually only mild pain, but respiratory failure may occur within a few hours.

After the tragic event, the owners reacted immediately and took Zeus to a veterinarian where he was injected with an antidote. And after a quick reaction, the puppy succumbed to the snake’s venom and died.

They described Zeus as a member of their family who would live forever in their hearts.

After this heroic move, the owners were devastated by the death of Zeus, but at the same time, they were happy that he saved their son.

Watch the video below.

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