Some so many villains walk freely on the street, and we don’t know what they are ready to do.

Rocks covered in fog in the quiet corner of rural Britain have always had an enormous appeal. It’s especially hard to imagine something so undesirable or a violation occurring on the scene.

A day before the video went public, there was no fog near the coastal city of Falmouth.

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Away from the English Channel, a young man is seen climbing the cliffs above the water, violently lifting the poor black and white puppy tightly in his arms. But this is not a hug born of love or affection, but a malicious act that hardly any normal person would do.

After the young man lifted the dog into the air, he threw it cruelly into the water without any remorse, while his friend who was filming him laughed at this.

These thugs who hurt the little helpless puppy without a shred of emotion can hurt any of us.

The puppy, which was thrown from the rock, burst into the cold water far below. The camera zoomed in on him as he struggled for life, swimming in fear of the shore, but most importantly, he survived. The cameraman bursts into laughter at the scene of the video at the end.

Shortly afterward, an investigation was launched against the perpetrators who injured the puppy.

Concerned animal lovers immediately reacted to this and demanded that these bullies be punished at all costs.

After a series of public comments were made, police appealed for caution, saying the search was ongoing and urging animal lovers to be patient and that justice would come to light.

After the puppy was found on the beach, he was immediately taken to a veterinarian and declared that he had been examined and that there were no injuries.

Watch the video below.

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