Puppies are not only adorable about what they look like, but their behavior is also very charming. Ice cream is the sweet little pleasure that cools us in the hot days and without which we can not imagine.

Puppies like us, humans love delicious things, but many owners avoid feeding their pets lightly, yet they also want to enjoy that little moment of cold and creamy bite.

When I had my little Golden Retriever Rex, he was always looking forward to ice cream, I remember it was like yesterday, and I was serving him small pieces of ice cream, the view was amazing like, a little kid running and playing with his tail waiting for a new bite and when I closed the box he was spinning around me and barking as if to say I want more.

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Happiness is indescribable, especially when it comes to creamy ice cream.

But in one turn, there is 3-year-old Alaska Malamute, who has become very habitual to the ice cream truck driving through her neighborhood. Just the sound of music coming from the truck is enough to straighten it with saliva and run out the door. It has become a routine for this adorable puppy to greet the ice cream truck every day!

Every time Mishka hears the ice cream coming, she runs to the edge, where she impatiently points it down. In this video, she is already out waiting for a truck to drive around. The driver of the ice cream truck seems to already know her order because he took it out and gave it to the loyal customer.

This puppy made me go to the nearest store and buy ice cream. Do you agree with this? Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? My favorite part of the video is how she waits impatiently for the truck and moves her tail happily because she knows she will get her favorite creamy bite.

Enjoy the video below.

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