A pregnant dog adopted and breastfed an abandoned kitten in Mersin province, Turkey.

When Emre Can Engin found the poor kitten on the street, he looked around for the kitten’s mom. However, he couldn’t find it’s mom so he decided to take the kitten home, even though he already has a dog at home. Emre started caring for it, feeding it, and making sure it was warm.

His dog Findik approached the kitten, smelled it, and then took it to its hut. Emre’s dog was pregnant, so she adopted the kitten and started breastfeeding it.

Engin decided to name the kitten Oksuz, which means orphan in Turkish.

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Engin couldn’t believe what he saw. He was really surprised when his dog started feeding Oksuz. However, he was also very happy because the abandoned kitten finally has a mother now.

Engin took his dog to the vet who said that Findik was able to breastfeed the kitten because she was almost 8 weeks pregnant. Dogs are usually pregnant 63 days or 9 weeks.

Little Oksuz was abandoned on the street. Now, she has a foster mom, who will give her siblings in a few days. We are hoping Oksuz will get along really well with her new brothers and sisters.

Did you know?

Cats are the most beloved animals in Turkey. They are extremely friendly and come in all sizes and colors. The stray cats are the living attraction of Istanbul. Nobody bothers to count how many cats are in the capital, but it’s estimated that there are around a million.

More than 300 animal lovers and volunteers joined forces to take care of the strays. They are usually working together to set up houses for the cats in many neighborhoods, leave food for them in many locations, or just simply give them affection.

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