Those who say that the dog is man’s best friend are absolutely right. Dogs understand our gestures, feel our emotions, and react when we are sad.

But above all, their unconditional love for us, along with their willingness to hold on to their last breath, is what makes them truly special. They are quiet persuaders who know us better than anyone else and never leave us alone.

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These intelligent creatures who prolong our lives deserve our admiration. We are never alone with them, they always listen to us and have unconditional love for us and our family.

A Dog Society recently posted on the Facebook group a picture of a puppy Jax helping another sick puppy in serious need of blood, donating part of it. And unlike any other shy creature, the brave Jax waited patiently until he gave the blood he needed to help the puppy.

The story was shared by the owner of Jax, Jennifer Fowler, who worked at the hospital where the puppy was brought. She was a veterinarian tech and when she saw that the sick puppy was in urgent need of blood, she immediately took her puppy for a transfusion to the clinic where she worked.

She also noted that thanks to Jax, the puppy managed to stay alive. She proudly shared a picture of the heroic moment on social media and wrote that Jacks is a good boy.

The post received more than 28,000 reactions since its publication on June 21. While some could not stop praising the heroic puppy, others sent tons of virtual hugs and stickers to Jax.

From the numerous comments that followed on the social networks, one user commented that he is a precious puppy by sending vivid animations about the sweet Jax, while another wrote that he is the best puppy. A third follower asked did he had received toys after the amazing deed?

I would like to have many such inspiring stories where animals help each other and thus soften our hearts.

What do you think of Jax humanitarian act?

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