The influence of horses on human history and civilization makes them one of the most important domestic animals. Horses have domesticated in Eurasia about 6,000 years ago.

Throughout history, they have served the people of agriculture, war, and sports. Today, tame horses are widespread throughout the world, with a total estimated population of about 60 million.

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Wild horses, like those in the American West, are free ancestors of domestic horses that have not been domesticated.

Very often, we can see in places where we live that many people have their ranches and keep their horses that are bred and cared for, while there are situations where people still use them as vehicles in the villages.

Horses are beautiful animals that love freedom and enjoy long journeys at infinity in the wild.

The couple John and Amber Saldate, from Colorado, recently bought a horse for cheap money from owners who were not satisfied with the horse.

But a recent video also showed that they were not equipped to take care of a horse, the couple hung Trigger on the back of their truck and drove him behind him.

The poor horse can be seen trying to stop, but the couple continues to drive. Trigger loses his foot and travels slipping on the car, which reportedly drove at least 100 yards down the road.

The court’s office said the couple would soon be charged with animal cruelty.

After the couple was charged with the crime, the vet who examined Trigger after the relentless traction discovered that the horse had no trauma but was still gentle and was looking for pain medications. After this event, Trigger was transferred to the local humanitarian community.

Owners who wanted to stay behind the camera expressed deep regret and remorse for what they had done. Speaking to CBS Denver, they apologized for doing the reckless act before their arrest.

Amber Saldate admitted that she was wrong and did not know what she was thinking at the time, she said she lost her job because of that and bothered many people.

I feel horrible that this innocent horse suffered, but the perpetrators got what they deserved and from this, they managed to learn the lesson.

Watch the video for the whole story.

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