This is a sad story with a happy ending. Not many of our stories end up like this. We need to work together to help families like this. Here, the whole community helped in the search and made Boss come back home safely.

A family in Wellington not only lost their house during a terrible fire, but their loving dog also went missing. The owners were devastated. This happened just before Christmas. A time that was supposed to be happy and joyful.

Jordan Moon is the pups ‘dad’. He and his family lost their beloved 9-year-old dog named Boss during the whole chaos that happened just before Christmas. The fire in the house appeared to have started in the attic on December 22nd, and, within minutes, spread throughout their entire home.

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The entire family was able to escape the flames, along with their dog. However, their black Lab-mix got really scared and took off running. He’s been missing since then. The pup just had his bath so he didn’t have his collar on him, which made the search even harder for the family and the community that helped in the search.

The Moon family’s Christmas wishes just came true. Weeks after the horrible incident, someone spotted Boss (their pup) in a field near a ravine. Boss was found malnourished, but the family’s vet said that he’s going quite well considering the circumstances.

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Boss is safe back home with his family now. The whole family will cooperate with the vet to help Boss fully recover.

Someone in the community created a GoFundMe page to help with any medical costs. If you wish to donate, click HERE.