Many people avoid adopting black dogs, just like they avoid to adopt black cats. Black dogs have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate than any other color dog in shelters.

February is Black Dog Syndrome Awareness Month. Let’s celebrate and honor black dogs!

Even though some black dogs are adopted, they usually spend 4-times longer in the shelter waiting for their family. Shelter employees and rescuers even gave this circumstance a name -“Black Dog Syndrome.”


Folklore and pop culture have portrayed black dogs in a negative way, which may have subconsciously affected how potential adopters see those dogs right now. Also, black dogs are often described as dangerous in numerous books and movies.

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The color black is often used to represent negativity, evil and misfortune. As a result, many people believe that black pets are unlucky.

Black dogs can’t really stand out in shelters just like lighter colored dogs

It’s hard for black dogs to stand out in dimly lit kennels. Many shelter workers and rescuers use pictures to attract potential adopters. However, it’s harder to take a picture of a black dog, making it difficult to capture their personalities in photos.

Many people haven’t heard of the Black Dog Syndrome

Although rescuers and animal advocates are well aware of Black Dog Syndrome, many people are not aware of the phenomenon, not realizing that they’re avoiding an amazing potential family member in favor of a dog in a lighter color. Fortunately, when people will become aware of the phenomenon, they will not ignore black dogs in need of new homes.

There are many reasons to adopt black dogs. They are least likely to be adopted and even euthanized. This is the most important reason for people like you to give them a chance!

Even if you aren’t able to adopt a black dog right now, you can still help in the fight against the syndrome.

  • Spread awareness. Teach people about Black Dog Syndrome! People will quickly move past once they become aware of it.
  • If you already have a black dog, just share pictures with your pet on social media. Let others know that black dogs are just as amazing as dogs of other colors!

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