Every year, firefighters in Australia create a calendar with adorable animals and raise money for charity with the profit. For the last 27 years, the calendar has been a major hit.

The 2020 version has been already released and you are going to love it!  The firefighters pose shirtless and holding cute little kittens.

This has been a tradition since 1993 and it became the world’s most popular calendar. The calendar features firefighters from all parts of Australia, including corporate fire-fighting services, posing with cats in order to play with every straight woman’s fantasy.

Before getting excited,  some more good news is coming. This year, they are a variety of six calendars, which will include other animals like horses and dogs.

Unlike past years, this year the calendars feature firefighters from Germany and France. Maybe next year, you will be looking forward to the first-ever International Firefighters Calendar with handsome firefighters from around the world.

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Now we may talk about the hotness you can expect from this year’s firefighter calendar and we guarantee you will want to purchase one.

If you think that it can’t get better than this, you are wrong.  There is also a video that features all the men in live-action.

Now go get a calendar with a hot guy for every month of the year. Also, you can feel good about your purchase since the money you will spend will be for a good cause.

The profit from the calendars will be donated to Australia’s biggest Children’s Hospital organizations as well as local, smaller charities.

These calendars are the perfect holiday gift for most people. However, if the person isn’t crazy for cats, there is also another calendar where firefighters in Australia are photographed with dogs and other animals while they raise money for charity. It doesn’t get better than this!

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