The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in the last few months. However, an Italian doctor claims that the virus was once described as an ‘aggressive tiger’ but has weakened over time and it became more like a wild cat.

Professor Matteo Bassetti believes that the coronavirus is ‘changing in severity’ and patients can now survive the infections that would have killed them before. He also claimed that the virus is weakening and it may disappear without a vaccine.

He pointed out multiple times in the last few months that patients who were diagnosed with coronavirus are faring much better than they were at the start of the epidemic in Italy.

According to professor Bassetti, the genetic mutation in the virus made it less lethal. Thanks to the improved treatments and social distancing, people aren’t getting infected with large doses of the virus.

However, other scientists don’t agree with Bassetti and say there is no scientific evidence that confirms the virus has changed at all.

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Professor Bassetti who is also the chief of infectious diseases at San Martino General Hospital is convinced that the virus can disappear on its own. He said that even elderly patients can sit up on their beds and breath without any help. Before, these patients would have died in a few days.

Italy was among the worst-hit countries during the early stages of the pandemic. It has over 238,000 confirmed positive cases and 34,000 deaths.

The virus is now causing less serious illness. According to Bassetti, one of the reasons for this is the genetic mutation making it less damaging to the lungs. Also, people may receive smaller amounts of the virus when they are infected due to social distancing. He also believes that the virus is changing in severity.

Bassetti has previously made similar claims, but his colleagues criticized him for being over-optimistic. Other scientists don’t believe there is evidence to back up Professor Bassetti’s claims.

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