The nation regrets the loss of a beautiful 8-year-old girl named Emma Mertens. Although she was only 8 years old, in a short time she managed to inspire thousands of people with her love for animals.

Emma adored all animals. Everyone who knew her knew that she had a special place in her heart for dogs, and that is how 20 K-9 police units stood standing with her parents in solidarity at her funeral.

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The young Emma from Wisconsin struggled with a rare form of cancer.

She was diagnosed in January this year. However, tragically, she developed an inoperable brain tumor. Little Emma died at the hands of her mother on November 17.

Shortly after receiving her diagnosis, friends, and family who knew of Emma’s passion for dogs began sending e-mails of photos of their dogs to cheer her up. Even though her heart was hard, she could not help but smile and smile at all the cute, silly pictures of dogs she came across.

Her parents asked people to keep posting photos with Emma. It wasn’t long before some of them went viral, and in a matter of months, Emma received over 100,000 pictures of human dogs.

Emma may have been sick, but she did not let it stop her from spreading well in the world.

She created Emma Laws Dogs, a fund that raises money for K-9 police dogs and non-lethal animal shelters. More and more people kept sending love pictures of Emma to their puppies to fill her page. They also filled it with donations.

With so many posts going viral, Emma and her parents ended up in Good Morning America. When the local police stations saw this, they organized a very special surprise for Emma.

In March, a total of 40 police dogs along with their handlers/partners filled Emma Street with their crews. Some were locals from the city, where others traveled for hours across the country for the special meeting. Each of them sat in the wintertime in Wisconsin to meet a precious girl with a heart of gold.

Emma was overjoyed to see love pour out from both her community and foreigners across the nation. She may have been young, but she could have touched the hearts and lives of countless dogs and humans.

Emma’s funeral was held on Saturday, November 23, and once again, K-9 units came together to show their solidarity with the girl who did much for others.

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