When you look into the eyes of a Labrador, you will see that he requires pure love from you and friendship, unlike many breeds of aggressive dogs.

When they are scared, sick, or tired, and you are there for them, you can see the gratitude in their eyes. In return, you will always have someone to greet you at the front door.

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An interesting fact about these dogs is that they quickly learn to imitate smiles. They feel your mood and share it as true friends. Whether you are happy or sad, they will be there for you.

Plus, Labradors will get along well with your kids if you have them.

They will be the eternal watchmen of your home from thieves. Their hearing is extremely sharp, as is their sense of smell.

The beautiful breed Labrador, full of love as a pet will be a good companion in your home and on any trip or walk.

No doubt you will love it after the first day, and you will regret not having housed it before.

The adult Labrador Retriever Fred has become the surrogate father of nine little ducks who were orphaned after their mother’s mysterious departure.

The castle, located in Stansted, Essex, posted on its Facebook page that the mother of the trail had disappeared after a staff member found them walking around the castle alone. The team was very concerned about the ducks, but Fred, a 10-year-old Labrador, immediately took the babies to them.

The director of the Mountfitchet Castle Jeremy Goldsmith, said to the Sun UK, that they knew the mother duck was nesting, and then suddenly these ducklings appeared but she was nowhere to be seen.

Castle staff believes the mother may have disappeared because a fox approached her. However, Jeremy shared his satisfaction that Fred seems more than happy to step up and fill the role of a duck parent.

In the next few months, Fred will be their parent as long as the ducks are small and cannot learn to fly and survive on their own.

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