Some people simply can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Being persistent will get you a lot in life, but being pushy can make people more resentful towards this kind of behavior.

Take this woman for instance. While she was shopping at a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her young daughter, both of them saw an adorable service dog. What happened next was capture on camera.

The daughter wanted to get closer and even pet the service dog who was on duty at the time. The mom decided to make her daughter’s wish come true and approached the dog and his handler.

However, the dog’s handler didn’t allow the little girl to pet the dog, so the mom got very angry. Instead of walking away, she began screaming and scolding the handler. At first, she tried to defend herself by saying that there aren’t signs on the dog that show it’s a service dog. But, the handler pointed out that there are four signs just on the leash.

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Any dog can become a certified service dog. However, dogs have to go through training so they can perform work for people with disabilities. Also, it’s very important for the service dogs to perform their work without any distractions because that might lead to the owner or even the handler to get injured while the dog isn’t watching.

The woman who is holding her daughter in her hands continues arguing with the handler and doesn’t want to be caught on camera. She even threatened to call the police. However, she realized that her behavior is obnoxious and then left the mall.

Take a look at the unpleasant ordeal the dog handler experienced and caught on video.

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