In Virginia, a 10-year-old girl was walking her dog when a man appeared next to her and grabbed her arm with force.

She was walking her dog on the streets of Heather Glen Court in Woodbridge when the man tried to abduct her. However, the dog immediately reacted and didn’t let anything happen to his owner. Her dog bit the man’s arm and scared him off. Thanks to the dog, the man let go of the little girl’s arm and ran away from the scene on foot.

After the incident, the police were contacted and officers with K9 dogs immediately arrived at the scene. However, they couldn’t find the suspect.

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They launched an investigation, which is still ongoing, and it’s really hard to find the suspect. The Prince William County Police Department issued a press release on their Facebook page in which they explained the attempted abduction happened around 3.50 p.m in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Court in Woodbridge. Although the little girl isn’t harmed or injured, the suspect couldn’t be found.

The police department also shared some useful information on the suspect’s appearance. They stated that the suspect was a Hispanic male, around 5’3″ in height, and 145 lbs in weight. Although his age remains unknown, it’s known that he was short brown hair and a goatee. During the attempted abduction, the man was wearing a white striped shirt and  long pants in a light color.

Dogs are loyal creatures who will do anything to protect their owners. When this little girl’s dog reacted the way he did when he noticed that his owner was in danger.

The Prince William County Police Department stated that the girl would have been successfully adapted if it wasn’t for the dog.

We are so grateful to this dog who helped this 10-year-old girl to escape a terrible fate and return home safely!

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