Dogs are too loyal animals, leaving them alone at home even for a short time makes them sad. Every time we return home, our friend is waiting for us at the door, wagging his tail ready to play.

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The feeling is amazing and at the same time heartbreaking when you know that all day it’s alone and waiting for you to come.

Every moment with them is fun and interesting!

So a dog in China broke so many hearts around the world, waiting for three months for its owner to leave the hospital.

During the pandemic, many people were infected with the virus, some of them survived the fight but some unfortunately died.

Unfortunately, the dog’s owner was an elderly patient who died five days after being admitted to Wuhan Taikang Hospital with coronavirus, according to staff members.

The dog accompanied its owner in February when he was admitted to the hospital, but the dog did not stop coming to the hospital after the owner died.

Staff hospital constantly watched a loyalty puppy how is grieving for his owner but they had no way of telling him that his owner would not return.

The seven-year-old dog did not give up and continued to come to the lobby of Taikang Hospital. Employees watched and fed him during the three-month visit.

Then a woman named Wu Cuifen, who works in the supermarket at the hospital, heard about the dog’s condition. At first, she tried to get the dog to come with her from the hospital, but the puppy refused to leave. Then she decided to take care of him and called him Xiaobao which means “Little Treasure.”

Ms. Cuifen’s said that she noticed the little dog when she returned to work in mid-April. She called him Xiaobao. And she said his owner, a retiree, had been admitted to the coronavirus. She also added although Xiaobao could not speak, she understood that he was still looking for his owner.

Eventually, some patients began to complain about the presence of the puppy in the hospital. So the staff had to get in touch with the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association and protect Xiao.

According to the shelter, they are now looking for a potential new home for Xiaobao.

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