A man recently bought a donkey for just $100. When Travis Kinley bought the trouble-making donkey, he didn’t expect that he actually got a singing partner.

The duo lives in South Carolina. They become famous after Travis poster a video on his Facebook page singing Elton John’s song “The Circle of Life” which also happens to be The Lion King’s opening track.

When Travis started singing, he got really surprised after his donkey named Nathan started braying in the background. The video came as a delight to the Internet.

The 31-year-old man wasn’t planning to sing along with his donkey. His original plan was to make a funny video for his friends to enjoy. However, not everything goes as planned, but Travis’ plan turned out even better than his original idea.

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Travis explained that Nathan was causing troubles at someone else’s home, so he bought him for 100 bucks. But, he didn’t know that he invested in a singing partner. In the video caption, he expressed his love for his donkey.

When Travis started singing, Nathan started braying behind him, which was not really planned or even expected. Travis was blown away because they have never sung together before. Even though he was surprised, he continued singing and Nathan kept going as well. In the end, Travis started laughing. Who wouldn’t laugh in such a hilarious situation?

The video was also shared on Twitter. Many of the Twitter users are obsessed with the singing duo. One of them even suggested that Travis and Nathan should sign a recording contract. Another one noted that the donkey looks like that friend who sings horribly we all have, but we never mention it.

While the horses in the background didn’t seem interested, Travis and his donkey are certainly having the best time of their lives!

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