Dogs are naturally loyal and affectionate animals. Some of them are trained to help police fight crime, while others help disabled children and veterans to overcome their health challenges. There is an adorable dog in Australia that has helped save hundreds of koalas from the country’s deadly wildfires, which have already killed around a billion animals.

Sadly, some species are even considered endangered.

Bear, a Border Collie, has the ability to sniff out koalas living in previously burnt or high-risk areas. Bear is also known as the koala detection dog. This dog has saved a lot of koalas from recent fires.

Koalas live on eucalyptus trees, which are easily flammable and burn quickly. Also, koalas are very slow, so it’s hard for them to escape coming fires. This is so sad as the species already face habitat loss and climate change.

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According to experts, koalas can live for weeks after a fire. However, any survivors will find themselves in a difficult situation: burned, suffering from smoke inhalation, homeless, hungry and thirsty.

Luckily, Bear has been trained to find living koalas by the scent of their fur. However, it’s difficult for humans to spot koalas in areas affected by the fires.

Currently, Bear and his handlers are searching for koalas in the New South Wales district of Northern Rivers. Although it’s hard for the dog to point koalas’ exact location, he still managed to find survivors in the area. Rescuers are happy with Bear’s search efforts.

Bear’s handlers said that it’s a struggle for Northern Rivers koalas to survive due to many reasons such as drought, excessive land clearing and development, stress-related disease, dog attacks, and car strikes.

Keep up the good work Bear, we are so proud of you! The koalas this dog has saved are also very grateful.

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