A US-based biker gang has helped numerous animals across the country. Even though they seem like an intimidating bunch of people, they showed the true meaning of the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. They’ve spent hours searching through cases of abusive dog owners and convinced them to give up their pets. The bikers made deals with animal shelters. They have vowed to help the animals with rehabilitation, as well as work tirelessly to find new families for the cats, dogs and even horses.

You’ll be amazed to know what this organization does. They’ve managed to help hundreds of animals by taking them away from their cruel and abusive owners when the police aren’t there to do that.

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Rescue Ink organization

The organization called Rescue Ink consists of bikers, ex-bodybuilders, former military personnel, police detectives, powerlifting champions, and lawyers. It is a non-profit animal rights protection organization and is made out of volunteers from New York. The team was at its activity peak from 2008 to 2014. According to their organization, these are all people that think of them as superheroes for what they do. But, they are only huge animal lovers. After all the obstacles they have faced, they still continue on with their good deeds and remain strong and dedicated to their mission.

The organization works with the police and other public organizations doing whatever’s needed within the law to protect and save animals from abuse. They work fully on donations.


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Apart from the cats, dogs, and horses, across the years, the amazing team has helped save pigs, fish and even a 5-ft boa constrictor.

Rescue Ink receives about 1k-3k emails a day from people all around the world – and about 250 calls per day.

In an interview for The New York Times, the bikers said that they have met many challenges like people selling purebred dogs for drugs, organized dog fights, poisoned homeless cats and more. If the team managed to find a criminal doing any of these things, they would contact the police immediately.

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Rescue Ink

Who would expect such an unusual group of philanthropists? They are the true meaning of ‘good’. All these animals had no one to protect them, but now they do. If you wish to feel at least a little bit of the good they’re feeling when they’re saving all those animals, next time you go near homeless animals that might be hurt, cold or hungry – stop and help them. You’ll be amazed at what that one stop can do for your soul.