The ideal dog for one woman from Lithuania was Komondor. This dog breed looks just like the strands of a mop.


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When Gintarė Bertauskienė was a kid, she was really fascinated with the breed after receiving a postcard that had a Komondor on it. After many years, her dream finally came true. She is now a proud owner of Hanga, one of two Komondors in her country.

Whenever Gintarė goes out with Hanga, people often stop them and ask for photos because they are fascinated by Hanga’s unusual fur. Because Komondors have fur coats that are long and thick, they need proper grooming care. Fortunately, Gintarė is a pet groomer so Hanga will never have to worry about his coat growing mats or knots.

Hanga became famous after swimming in a lake. Gintarė took a video of him and shared it on social media. His video clip was viewed over 19 million times. The video became so popular that Gintarė even made some money off of it, and she was able to pay for Hanga’s surgery.

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Even though Komondors have strange coats, they aren’t born with their dreads. These dogs are born with white, short, and fluffy coats. As they grow up, their hair turns into long mats within the first year of their lives. When Komondors reach the age of 5, they have already grown the dreadlocks that they’re known for. If they are properly groomed, their dreads won’t pose a problem.


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However, if you want to get a Komondor, there is still a lot of stuff to think about. Besides proper grooming care, you will also need to consider the dog’s temperament. Komondors are strong and huge dogs who were bred to be guard livestock.

Although they are usually loyal and calm dogs, they can also be very protective which means that obedience training is recommended. Fortunately, this breed is very smart so it’s pretty easy to train them. The best age to teach them is between 4 and 8 months.

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