We often see situations where people abuse animals, especially in countries where there is no care for them.

Stray dogs are not only at risk of starvation but are also very often victims of violence. It is really sad to see that situation without a way to solve it. These innocent little animals hope to find their keeper at every possible moment and someone to provide them with care and a warm home.

It is really sad to see this terrible suffering of animals, and I hope that people will soon wake up and start treating them well.

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In the context of this, Netflix some time ago released a new documentary movie with a powerful message about Puppy Murder, a play where the director kills puppies to teach us that killing puppies is bad.

This controversial movie lasts for two hours, where the puppies are brutally killed on the screen, sending a powerful message to the viewer about how bad it is to kill the puppy. From shooting and stabbing to stepping on a steering wheel and an inspiring climate scene where a puppy is thrown into a volcano, the film unequivocally and powerfully shows the brutal reality of killing a pup.

After director Amélie Le’Charpentier witnessed animal violence, she focused on her experience and decided to make this documentary, to tell the truth about animals and how they spend their hellish lives where they are brutally abused by humans.

She said that many people were against this film, but she points out that they were labeled as activated conservatives and fraudsters because they failed to get the clear message of the film, which teaches very clearly that killing dogs is bad.

The show developed through most of the psychopaths and future mass murderers, and next fall will see a continuation, called Baby Murder.

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