Many animals live in shelters, waiting for someone to adopt them. Unfortunately, not every animal shelter is lucky enough to find a forever home. However, some of them spent their lives trapped in the kennels, while others face euthanasia due to overcrowding.

Fortunately, this is a story with a happy ending. When a reporter who was visiting the animal shelter saw this beautiful pup, he immediately fell in love with her!

The reporter went to the animal shelter to do a story about the animals living there. However, he didn’t expect to find a new family member inside!

While the reporter was walking around in the shelter, a special pup approached him and completely stole his heart.

The shelter dog wasn’t scared or shy to approach the man. The animal even surprised everyone when she hugged the reporter! Such a heart-melting scene!

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The reporter was very surprised but also happy at the same time, He hugged the shelter dog back and even gave her some loving pats. This action encouraged the dog to hug the reporter’s leg even tighter!

It seemed like the dog knew that she and the reporter are meant for each other. The reporter felt the same thing!

The pair had an instant connection, even the reporter couldn’t deny it. He even ended up adopting the cute dog and giving her a permanent home!

This is an amazing story. Their first meeting as caught on video which makes this story is truly incredible!

After watching the video of this dog clinging to her new daddy, we are positive that it will bring tears in your eyes!

We are so glad that the reporter adopted her! After the story was shared online, it touched the hearts of many social media users and praised the reporter for adopting the dog.

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