Dogs are amazing creatures who enjoy spending time with us, love to cuddle, and play especially puppies. These small creatures love to make a mess and get in trouble!

Take this puppy named Gody for instance. When his owners saw him “covered in blood”, their hearts stopped pounding because they thought something really bad happened to the puppy. However, the reality was very different.

Even though Gody scared everyone to death, he was more alive than ever. In fact, the puppy ate so much dragon fruit that he stained his face and body. After he ate, he was really satisfied and went to sleep.

The stains from the dragon fruit looked like blood and the cute little puppy scared everyone.

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His owners shared pictures of the puppy on Facebook and many social media users had a mini heart attack. But after seeing all the pictures, many people felt relieved and had a good laugh.

The truth is that Gody was perfectly fine, as well as very cute and beautiful.

Now, the adorable little pup has his own Facebook page where his owners share his adventures.

This was not the first time that Gody pretended to be dead. He loves other fruits as well, such as watermelons!

If you want to receive updates about Gody’s life and his daily adventures, make sure you follow his Facebook page.

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