I have not experienced military life, but I know that it is very difficult. Many families are waiting for their heroes to return from service, it’s a hard psychological struggle.

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While we pray for peace in the world, they pray for us, for them, for their children and families. I am grateful that there are these fighters who are protecting our lives.

In every struggle in life, we need a friend who will be here in our difficult times. Friends who know all our flaws and who are still here for us are friends for life.

Spending time-fighting for the country, along with fellow leaders and soldiers, means sharing the same aims and making people close. The same goes for animals.

Sgt. Jason Bos and his K9 partner Cila were part of many missions and spent five years together in Iraq since then they have become best friends.

But when Sgt. Bos retired, he was to leave his partner Cila. For him, this was a very sad moment because the two were too connected. Imagine the most difficult moments you spend together and you need to separate. It’s so sad.

Not a single day has passed for this man not to think of his friend. He dreamed of the day when he would see Cila again.

After seeing each other for the last time two years ago, he realized that Cila would no longer be part of the military. Thanks to the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue, he received permission to keep Cila.

Cila from Germany landed in Chicago and she’ was waited at O’Hare International Airport when she heard her partner’s voice immediately recognize him.

The cameraman then asked Sgt. Bos, what is the future for you, two old soldiers? He said his mission now is helping veterans deal with post-deployment struggles they experience.

Now, these two friends will be able to enjoy together for the rest of the days.
Watch the video below.

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