A recent video on Reddit has left people in tears and with a good reason!

The fitting title, “Grumpy bearded dog” went viral thanks to the hilarious puppy rocking a beard that makes him look like he belongs to a motorcycle gang. But, the beard isn’t the only thing that makes this video funny – the dog’s barking sounds more like a chicken clucking, and I must say I’ve never heard a dog doing that kind of sound! See for yourself:

Grumpy bearded dog from aww

After its sharing, the video soon gained 41.000 upvotes! And the comments are just as funny!

“A chicken in a dog costume with a fake beard,” joked a Reddit user. “It’s the Lorax,” said another refering to a character from an animated movie by the same name.

“Dog Gandalf is barking ‘Thou shall not pass!’ “ commented a third refering to Gandalf’s famous phrase from the film Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of Ring.

This dog sure made our day!