Children are innocent, kind, and compassionate, especially those who are growing up with animals around them. They are very sympathetic, understanding, and want to speak up for those who can’t speak.

Many incidents of animal cruelty have put humanity in shame, but two little boys put everyone to shame. They found an injured puppy and decided to provide him with first aid.

One of the boys put the puppy in his lap in order to apply bandages to his injuries while the other boy sits beside him. Luckily, someone managed to take a picture of the heartwarming situation and shared it on Twitter.

The picture was captioned ‘two Indian kings. Even though we don’t know the exact location of his scene, but at least we know that it happened somewhere in India.

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The picture immediately went viral and gathered over 38,000 likes. Many Twitter users applaud the kids for their humanity and kindness. We can learn about empathy and compassion from these little boys.

One user wrote, ”The gesture of these children is grand. shows their big heart & love. But if this picture doesn’t break an Indian’s heart, then there is something wrong with us! Look at their legs! We the 5th largest GDP cannot give our children basic amenities. We must introspect and action!”

The parents of these kids must be very proud. We guess we can learn something from these kids. Next time you see an injured animal please don’t avoid it. If you can’t help it at least call a rescue center or a local shelter.

Teach your kids to be kind to everyone, not just animals.

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