This paralyzed cat drags himself around a vet clinic to cuddle and comfort the other animals. It’s the sweetest story ever!

The cat is named Lucifer. It’s a black cat who hurt his spine while he was young in an unfortunate incident. The incident left him paralyzed. An animal clinic in Perm, Russia took him in and helped him learn to function. He is now living better as a disabled cat thanks to their TLC.

Despite Lucifer’s disability, he managed to regain the use of his limbs, but to a limited extent. He can now drag himself around the vet clinic. It was not long after that the staff in the vet clinic noticed his odd connection with the suck animals that were being brought in. Even with his limited mobility, he would go from one animal to another to comfort them and cuddle with them.

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Luc, as the staff calls him, is now ‘working full time’ to comfort the animals in the clinic. The cat drags himself around the clinic and helps keep the animals warm and cozy and cuddles with them for hours. A lot of cats that have come to the clinic have also used his services as a blood donor.

People assume that Lucifer helps the other animals because he is aware of the difficulties they’re going through because of his spine injury incident from when he was just a little kitten. He shows great compassion for the other animals – which is completely natural. He has earned a place in the hearts of everyone who knows him.

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You can see a video of Lucifer in the video:

What do you think about Lucifer’s story? Do you think that cats can have compassion?

We think that animals can show more compassion than humans, and this story is the proof we needed. It’s the sweetest thing you’ll read all day.