Now, many of us absolutely love cats. Big, small, wild, tamed, we can all agree that sometimes regardless of their size and where they can be found, cats can be goofballs. However, meeting the big cats, in this case a lion, is not really for the faint of heart. And on a safari, such encounter is likely to happen.

Such encounter happened on a safari in Crimea, at the Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk. The lion decided to just jump in the vehicle and treat the visitors with warm hugs! The lion named Filya may have given the tourists heart attacks when he climbed aboard, but quickly showed them that despite his scary size and appearance, he wants some cuddles as any cat does.

Once he started asking for belly rubs and some lovin’, the tourists became more relaxed and were more than happy to oblige!

However, please do not, and I mean absolutely do not offer belly rubs and cuddles to a lion, or any other wild cat you may encounter, on your own as they still are wild animals and are very unpredictable. This should go without saying, but still.