Surely on the cartoons, you have met unusual animals that do not even exist in real life. People, even animals with a deficit of pigment, are very interesting and I like them very much. They look so unusual and unique.

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Today, more and more people are looking for them to create new and magnificent arts.

A very innocent golden-colored animal was found in Australia. It’s about the little adorable baby possum which the Internet called Pikachu. A Melbourne rescuer brought this beautiful creature to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic, where he illuminated the entire room with its yellowish color.

The clinic shared a photo of the unusual little friend, and they wrote that they had a special possum that was brought to the clinic. They explain that its golden color appears as a mutation that causes low levels of the pigment melanin.

They add that although their color looks special to us, they also stand out to predators!
Fortunately, this little animal passed easily and will end up in a wildlife sanctuary so he can live a long happy life.

These cute little animals are also kept by many Australians at home, they prepare a lot of special meals for them. They prepare a lot of meals with vegetables, but because they don’t like vegetables, their owners blend it for them.

Because they often wake up at night and want to eat, the owners wake up almost sleepless the next morning but are still happy to have them by their side. They are grateful to have them.

In South Australia, they are fully protected and permits are required for trapping possums in human residences or for keeping or rescuing sick or injured wild possums and other native animals.

I hope that our Pikachu will soon be able to eat his favorite meals after his recovery.

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