The country singer and songwriter Willie Nelson has been an animal lover since always. He recently saved 70 horses from a slaughterhouse, proving how much he loves animals.


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Instead of being slaughtered, he gave the horses a second chance for life. The 86-year-old singer saved them from certain death and gave them freedom. Instead of going to a slaughterhouse, now the horses are able to roam freely on his 700-acres big ranch which is located in Spicewood, Texas. He also changed the name of the property to ‘Luck Ranch’.

The singer became like a father to these 70 horses. He’s very busy on tour, spending around 200 days on the road. He always finds some free time and spends it on the ranch. He pointed out that these horses are the luckiest horses in the world because he saved them from certain death and then given the freedom that they deserve. The animals are hand-fed twice a day.

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Nelson really loves horses, he even has a song called ‘The Love of Horses’ in his latest album. In 2015, he also released the video for the song, and he won a People’s Silver Telly Award.

He wants to film more videos and even movies on his ranch so that he can spend more time with the horses. He’s still able to ride a horse just like he was younger. Nelson spreads awareness about the high number of horses that end up in slaughterhouses every year.  He even works with members of Habitat for Horses in order to put an end to the slaughter of horses.

Other than being a singer, songwriter, and animal rescuer, he’s also an advocate for marijuana legalization.

Despite his age, Nelson doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. He “retires” after every show, but after hanging out with his band, he changes his mind so he goes out and plays again.

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