Reports from the San Francisco Police Department states that a ‘Dog napping culprit has been arrested in connection with a missing pup’. The Dog is owned by a San Francisco native. The Dog owner who had tirelessly spent the last four months trying to find her lost Dog came to a decision. She rose the bar of her search quest higher when she hired a plane to fly a banner publicizing her dog search quest.

All efforts by the San Francisco Police Department to locate the missing Dog proved abortive. Even after following up on every single lead available to them; it wasn’t until they received a report that Jackson had already been spotted in LA County. In a swift response by The Cops; on Friday Nicholas Bravo, a 27-year-old native of Palmdale was arrested and charged for aggravated grand theft in connection with the missing Dog.

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The dog owner who is identified as Emilie Talermo said in a police statement that she had tied her mini Australian Shepard, whose name is Jackson to a bench outside a grocery store back in December. Then only to finish shopping and met with the shock of her life when Jackson was nowhere to be found.

Ms. Emile relentlessly spent the next few months from then trying to get back her Dog. Some of the efforts she took in trying to find her Dog was, distribution of fliers, setting up a one-page website ( and putting up a whopping sum of $7000 for anyone who finds her Dog and brings him back home.

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Meanwhile, after Jackson was found, he spent a couple of days at the LA County Animal Care and Control department in California. Jackson stayed in a shelter in Palmdale, which is over 380 miles away from where he was seemed to have gone missing. Jackson, after one week of his Sixth birthday, was reunited with Emile, his owner.