Shocking video of a car hitting a dog walker was shared online. The woman has been seriously injured, but the dog didn’t make it.

The footage which was shared by the police shows a woman walking her pet named Millie on Doe Bank Lane,  Birmingham, when a Renault Clio weaved and hit them. Both of them were carried over a grass verge and out of the frame.

The two men and a woman abandoned their car and started running to a Vauxhall Astra which had stopped ahead of them.

The woman hasn’t been named yet. Even though she survived, she still suffered some serious injuries and a broken leg. Unfortunately, her beloved pet didn’t survive.

The incident occurred on July 22. In the video, the woman is shown when she’s walking her dog when a Vauxhall Astra drives past. Just a few seconds later, a blue Renault appears and it appears that the drives had lost control over the vehicle and hit the woman and her dog.

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Then, the black Astra stops on the road and two men get out of the car and look back on the scene. A third person from the car put it in reverse when two men and a woman appeared from the place where the Renault crashed.

An investigation has been launched into this case and the West Midlands Police is asking the public to help. If anyone has some useful information or recognizes someone from the footage, should get in touch with the police.

A spokesperson from the police said that the shocking footage was released as a part of the appeal. In the video, we can see several people running away from the scene.

Police are also trying to find the black Vauxhall Astra that stopped down the road. It seems like both cars were traveling together, so they probably know each other.

The woman suffered some serious injuries. After the ambulance staff stabilized her on the scene, they took her to the hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately, her dog didn’t survive.

Anyone with information can contact the police via Live Chat at between 8 am and midnight. The other option is to call 101 at any time of the day.

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