A police dog found a missing mother and her baby on his first working day! How incredible is that?

The Dyfed-Powys Police dog Max who recently got his license found the mother and her one-year-old baby on the edge of a ravine in Powys during the weekend. The 2-year-old German Shepherd dog joined the force in February,

The duo has been lost for two days and was forced to sleep outside. Fortunately, Max and his handler PC Peter Lloyd saw the woman while she was waving for help at 13:30 BST.

They helped the mom and her baby to get down safely. A mountain rescue doctor and ambulance service were also called to the scene in order to check the duo for any injuries.

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Inspector Jonathan Rees-Jones said that the woman wasn’t seen for 2 days. She couldn’t even speak with anyone during that time because her phone wasn’t working, so the concern for her safety was very high.

The inspector confirmed that the woman’s vehicle was found on a mountain road which gave officers some directions to start their search, However, it was still a vast area to cover because she’s been missing for 2 days.

Even though it was Max’s first operational shift, he immediately knew what to do and started an open area search.

In less than two hours, the mother and her toddler were found. Fortunately, they were safe but a little bit cold.

PC Pete Lloyd and Max deserve all the rewards, especially the dog, who on his very first day managed to cover a large area in the search and located the victims.

The Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter, and a search expert also joined the search.

PC Lloyd praised Max for staying focussed on his first operational shift. The dog really proved that he’s a valuable member of the police.

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