A teenage girl begged for help when her beloved pooch lay dying after he was attacked by a dog. The entire incident was caught on camera and the owner of the attacking dog quickly left the scene.

Eighteen-year-old girl Renata Aladenika sai she was walking her miniature pinscher Rocco in Woolwich Common in London when a bullmastiff, that wasn’t on a leash, ran and dragged the pooch by the collar like a rag doll.

Despite the awful situation the girl quickly took her phone and took a video of the dog’s owner dragging the bullmastiff away by the collar as Rocco lay bleeding on the ground. In the video, Renata is crying and saying: “He’s dying.”

Unfortunately, the teen girl Renata was forced to say goodbye to her furry companion as his injuries were so severe and the vets couldn’t save him.

Even though Rocco didn’t survive, Renata and her family are now left with a £1,300 vet bill. She set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise funds to cover the bill.

Renata said that Rocco was a tenth of the bullmastiff’s weight, so he didn’t stand a chance. Overall, losing her dog was a very traumatic experience.

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The bullmastiff wasn’t on a leash and the owner tried to drag it away by the ear but didn’t succeed. She apologized to Renata and even gave her a lift to the vet and drove off. However, nothing will bring Rocco back.

Renata said he was her best friend and her home feels empty without him. She managed to beat her anxiety and met a lot of new friends through her dog.

During the incident, the bullmastiff had Rocco’s neck in its mouth and was shaking him around. The poor porch was so scared and screamed for help, but Renta couldn’t do anything. In a few minutes, Rocco stopped moving.

After the woman drove off, Renata called her mother and they took Rocco to the emergency vet. Unfortunately, he had catastrophic haemorrhaging in his neck and had to put down.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said there are no arrests yet but the enquiries continue.

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