David Foster is a busy man from the UK with a job that brings him around the world, but most importantly, he is an animal lover. Although he enjoys the work he does, his true passion brings joy to animal shelters.

David tells iHeartDogs that this whole trip is boring, so he goes to animal shelters where he gives toys and balls to their animals.

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David’s family and friends started giving him toys to take with him on business trips, so his hobby eventually grew into his passion project called Play for Strays. He accepts toy donations from his followers and personally delivers them to shelters around the world.

As busy as he was, David decided it was time for a vacation and booked his trip to the Amazon.

David’s journey took him through remote parts of the rainforest, far from civilization to places where people rarely walk. It was one of those lonely places where David saved a life.

When they landed on this random island, the plan was to go swimming and diving and then to lunch. While they were still on the boat, in the distance, he could see a jagged bogwood. When he grabbed the binoculars to take a closer look, he could notice that it was a dog.

At that moment, while the owner of the boat was flying his drone, David told him that he had a dog in the distance and asked him to look with the drone. After the owner confirmed that it was a dog, he told David that there was no common ground at all, although he thought so.

David responded immediately and told them to go to the place where the abandoned puppy was.

When they reached the shore, the puppy ran towards David and he towards her. It was a really sad sight, and David was surprised that she still had the energy to swim and run. When she reached him, she was crying, and he shamelessly admitted that he had almost cried too.

It was almost 100 ° F that day, and poor Negrita was severely neglected and abused. She was extremely thin, covered with fleas and ticks, and her ears were cut off. David estimates that she had only a day or two of life in her when they met. She was so close to death that the vultures began to chase her, waiting for her to die.

He could not leave her alone, so he asked the boat owner to feed her some steak and tie her to the boat so he could take her to the vet in the next town, Namunji. But before they arrived, David heard that there would be no proper veterinarian in that city, so he decided to hold her until he could get proper medical care.

After David left for lunch, he checked every 20 minutes to see if the puppy was still at the place where he tied it. Fortunately, it was there, but when he went to bed at night he decided to check again if she was still there and noticed that she was no longer in front of the boat. He was in a state of panic and set his alarm and decided to look for her at sunrise.

The next morning, without noticing the boat sailed to the next destination, when David woke up and notified that the boat was moving, he ran to the owner of the ship and asked him to return for the puppy Negrita.

Fortunately, the owner and the other passengers agreed to return. By the time they reached the shore, Negrita was already on the beach and David had bought the necessary medicine before taking her to a proper veterinary clinic.

After taking the tests for Negrita, the results came out negative.

Thanks to his work with Play For Strays, he was able to meet a good caregiver for her in Sao Paulo while making arrangements and going through the long, bureaucratic process required to take her home. He does not do it alone. His followers were extremely supportive and even helped raise funds to bring his Amazon girl home.

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