Dogs are amazing companions to people who stay loyal for the rest of their lives. They are never bored, and they always surprise us with something new.

Besides being our full-time friends and protectors, some situations prove that they can be employed outside the home. A cute video of a hard-working dachshund employee at a local pet store has surfaced.

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The little cute puppy worked in the store because his owner Judy Laine brought it with him to the shop when he was only nine weeks old. Now the one-year-old puppy has been working at a pet store in Broadmeadows, Nottingham with Judy.

A puppy named Frankie was a very dedicated employee. He never missed a day at work. He spent his time at work greeting customers who came to the store, doing other daily activities in the store.

The little puppy felt very happy that he had even been given his uniform. He even had his staff room: a comfortable bed under the door.

The 42-year-old owner said that Frankie worked all the time at the store when they were locked up or usually when they made early shifts, so most days they started at 6.00 am or 7.00 pm.

While she was cleaning the pets at work, Frankie was walking around, picking up the cardboard boxes and paper towels, and he was also playing pranks with all his colleagues.

Judy added that her pet is the most perfect dog ever and explained that her co-workers wanted to have a pooch around the store. They especially love his antics that maintain morale in the workplace. She even shared that he often appeared on his social media accounts.

This cute puppy will soon get his job promotion and even pay. Frankie is such a fun and valuable puppy that anyone would want it.

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